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Meet our 2016-2017 Executive Board!

Blake Olson - President

Year : Senior

Major/Minor : Management Information Systems / German

Hometown : Edina, Minnesota

Two things I can't live without : Guac & Spotify

When I'm not doing Habitat :  I'm running, cross-country skiing, or watching Friends

My favorite Habitat memory : Going on the Winter Break Trip to Key West!

Srijana Balasundar - Vice President 

Year : Senior

Major/Minor : Bioproducts Marketing and Management

Hometown : Kampala, Uganda

Two things I can't live without : My amazing family & dance

When I'm not doing Habitat : I am dancing, reading novels, baking, hanging out with my friends, playing soccer and watching my favorite TV shows.

My favorite Habitat memory : The two Mega Builds in the fall & spring semester last year! It is so much fun to build the whole day & meet so many people.

Nicole Schwieters - Vice President of Communications 

Year : Senior

Major/Minor : Marketing / Psychology

Hometown : Maple Grove, MN

Two things I can't live without : My puppy & family

When I'm not doing Habitat : I'm studying, hanging out with my family & friends, running, or watching sports. I also watch a lot of Food Network & wedding shows

My favorite Habitat memory : Meeting Srijana at the first meeting & becoming friends ever since!

Taylor Burke - Vice President of Marketing

Year : Senior

Major/Minor: Marketing / Mass Communication & French

Hometown : Green Bay, Wisconsin

Two things I can't live without : My pets & Pinterest

When I'm not doing Habitat : I'm running, watching New Girl, or crafting. Sometimes doing homework

My favorite Habitat memory : Going to YLC my sophomore year in Washington, D.C. with other Habi-board members

Steve Gilpin - Vice Preisdent of Fundraising

Year : Junior

Major : Math (Actuarial Science)/Computer Science 

Hometown: New Berlin,Wisconsin

Two things I can't live without : Sports and Netflix

When I'm not doing Habitat : I'm playing pick-up football, rock climbing, or binge watching Netflix

My favorite Habitat memory : Winter break trip to Key West, Florida as a freshman


Cora Demler - Vice President of Education and Advocacy

Year : Senior

Major : Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development

Hometown:  Blanchardville, WI (population 825)

Two things I can't live without : Good food and being outside!

When I'm not doing HabitatWorking in a lab doing honeybee research, playing Ultimate Frisbee/running/swimming/biking, or making and eating food

My favorite Habitat memory : I love going to builds!  My favorite build involved landscaping a new homeowners' yard, while also playing with the kids of the family

Toni Marano - Vice President of Trip Coordination 

Year : Sophomore

Major : Undecided 

Hometown: Clarendon Hills, Illinois

Two things I can't live without : Tevas and Hammocking

When I'm not doing Habitat : You can find me outdoors playing flag football, running, or rock climbing

My favorite Habitat memory : Going to West Virginia the past two years for Blitz Builds and seeing happy looks on the families faces at the end of the week when they get to open the front door for the first time

Ceheira Johnson - Vice Preisdent of Trips Marketing

Year : Junior

Major : Strategic Communications with Psychology & Spanish minors

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Two things I can't live without : Cats (mine's named Cornflake) & Netflix

When I'm not doing Habitat : I'm working for Gopher Athletics, watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, spending time with my friends, napping in my comfy chair, or suffering through a run at the Rec

My favorite Habitat memory : Making gingerbread houses during our final General Meeting for Fall 2014


Kristen Resman - 60k Day Coordinator

Year : Senior

Major : Finance & Accounting

Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota

Two things I can't live without : Early mornings & my family

When I'm not doing Habitat : Running, Pinteresting, exploring Minneapolis, yoga, cross-country skiing, spending time with friends, baking cupcakes, reading blogs, visiting Colorado

My favorite Habitat memory : Being a trip leader on the Global Village Habitat trip to Costa Rica

Erica Daniels - Vice President of Volunteer Coordinaton







Melissa Markay - Vice President of Public Relations







Winky Li - Vice Preisdent of Finance







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