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Meet our 2016-2017 Executive Board!

Toni Marano - Co-President

Year: Junior

Major: Food Systems/Environmental Science/Spanish 

Hometown: Clarendon Hills, Illinois

Two things I can't live without: Tevas and Triathlons

When I'm not doing Habitat: You can find me outdoors gardening.

My favorite Habitat memory: Going to West Virginia for Blitz Builds and seeing happy looks on the families faces at the end of the week when they get to open the front door for the first time

Jacob Smith - Co-President

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biomedical Engineering 

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Two things I can't live without: Protein shakes & oxygen

When I'm not doing Habitat: You can find me drinking coffee at Bordertown, lifting weights, or complimenting people

My favorite Habitat memory: Last winter at the Habitat for Humanity Ice Castle, huddled around the fire telling jokes and drinking hot chocolate.


Erica Daniels - Vice President of Advocacy and Education

Year : Senior






Melissa Markay - Vice President of Communications

Year: Junior

Major: Finance & Public and Nonprofit Management

Hometown: Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Two things I can't live without: Heated Blankets & Cajun Fries

When I'm not doing Habitat: You can find me relaxing outdoors, exploring the Twin Cities, or playing with dogs. 

My favorite Habitat memory: My freshman year it was so intimidating joining new clubs, and everyone at Habitat was so welcoming right from the start. I have been involved ever since.

Zach Wajda - Vice President of Fundraising

Year : Sophomore

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Blair, Nebraska

Two things I can't live without: Dogs (obviously) and music

When I'm not doing Habitat: You can find me doing schoolwork or exploring Minneapolis

My favorite Habitat memory: Driving a crew of volunteers around to houses during a blizzard.


Eric Hess - Vice President of Member Engagement

Year: Junior 

Major: Chemistry 

Minor: Leadership

Hometown: Suamico, WI

Two things I can't live without: Books and nature

When I'm not doing Habitat: You can find me binge-reading a new fiction book, playing piano in public around campus, or competing in Ultimate Frisbee

My favorite Habitat memory: Bonding wih other volunteer students on builds while helping out a home owner and being able to continue some of those friendships back on campus.


Madeline Smith - Vice President of Volunteer Coordination

Year: Sophomore

Major: Microbiology

Hometown: Sandy, Utah

Two things I can't live without: coffee and horror movies from the 1940s

When I'm not doing Habitat: you can find me eating cereal or running

My favorite Habitat memory: filling in an attic with fluff with Toni while wearing a full plastic body suit


Nick Freiter - Vice President of Fundraising

Year: Junior

Major: Math/Computer Science

Hometown: Dunstable, Massachusetts

Two things I can't live without: Naps and french fries

When I'm not doing Habitat: You can find me playing sports like basketball, soccer and table tennis. I also like to hike, or relax with some Netflix or a book.

My favorite Habitat memory: My friend and I learned how to plant a tree from two warring master gardeners with very different opinions on proper tree planting etiquette.


Lee Thompson - 60K Day Coordinator

Year : Junior

Major: Human Resources & Public and Nonprofit Management 

Hometown: Orono, Minnesota

Two things I can't live without: naps and jalapeño chips

When I'm not doing Habitat: you can find me running, spending time with family and friends, working, and exploring Minneapolis (especially coffee and tea shops)

My favorite Habitat memory: I first became involved with Habitat for Humanity in high school.  I remember going on my first house build and getting to actually contribute to the structure of the house by doing things like putting up siding and using power tools to add to the porch.  This seemed so crazy because I had never had an opportunity to do anything even remotely like it before!  It was so cool to see how our work that day immediately helped bring Habitat one step closer to achieving the final goal of building a house.


Anneke Duin - Vice President of Trip Coordination

Year : Sophomore

Major: Neuroscience

Hometown: Naperville, Illinois

Two things I can't live without: Cane's and a soccer ball

When I'm not doing Habitat: You can find me hanging out with friends, playing soccer, going on adventures and playing the trumpt.

My favorite Habitat memory: Helping to re-landscape a house on Megabuild and seeing the faces of the people we helped after long days of work, totally worth it. Would do it over and over again.


Madeline Sladek - Vice President of Marketing

Year : Sophomore

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Delano, Minnesota

Two things I can't live without: snacks and the change of MN seasons

When I'm not doing Habitat: you can find me running, adventuring with friends, thrift shopping, skiing, on a cabin trip, and napping.

My favorite Habitat memory: the Muddy Sunday tournament and seeing all of the teams' excitement.


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